Why is vitamin C important?

The human body needs multiple vitamins and mineral to function correctly and to stay healthy.

For most individuals, all of their requirements can be found through a well-balanced diet but as noted by the UK National Health Service (NHS), some people may need to take extra supplements.

Although the natural world offers an abundance of healthy produce, not all food is made equally as some foods contain a higher amount of nutrients than others. Eating fresh fruit in particular is a fantastic, tasty and easy way to help your body function to its optimum level!

The importance of vitamin C…

To keep it brief, vitamin C supports the body’s ability to defend itself and aids the protection of cells.

Adults aged 19-75 require 40mg of vitamin C each day, which increases to 50mg when pregnant and 75mg if you smoke. Children between the ages of 1-18 are advised to consume 30-35mg each day.

Vitamin C or ‘ascorbic acid’ contributes to the normal function of the immune system and acts as an important antioxidant in the body to aid your recovery from virus’ and other potential ailments.

What are the most vitamin C rich foods?

MD2 pineapple are a delicious and healthy source of vitamin C. Often quoted as containing four times the amount of vitamin C when compared to other pineapple cultivars, the MD2 is also rich in fibre, calcium, manganese and vitamin A, all of which are essential to allow your body to function to its full capability.

Alongside citrus such as Eureka lemons, Star Ruby grapefruit pack a vitamin-filled punch. Renowned for their bitter-sweet flesh, pink skin hue and juicy eating quality they’re good for you too. Star Ruby grapefruits provide a great mix of B complex vitamins as well as vitamin C and A.

One fruit not often thought of when speaking about vitamin C is kiwi, but don’t be fooled, this small and fuzzy superfruit is stuffed with the good stuff, providing a huge 79% of the recommended level of vitamin C per portion.

Of course, there is only one fruit synonymous with vitamin C and that is the humble Valencia orange. A classic in fruit bowls and glasses, oranges and citrus in general have generous helpings of vitamin C per portion. The average orange contains almost 70mg of vitamin C, which is over 100% of the NHS recommended daily minimum.

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