Our ARRA 32 (ARRA Mystic Dream™) are flourishing in northern Greece and are expected to be available from the end of September.

ARRA 32 is an extra-large and delicious black grape that grows in huge bunches. Naturally sweet with a superb hanging ability on the vine, it’s also known for its impressive shelf-life and great eating experience.

The XL berries hold extreme juiciness and have an excellent balance of sweetness and taste with a brix level of 18%. ARRA 32 ripens late in the season, providing a fantastic alternative to the more traditional black varieties such as Autumn Royal.

Harvesting: from WEEK 40-

Berry size: XL (24mm+)

Comment: Our third year production is already maturing with some berries showcasing the signature ARRA 32 full black colouration.

Jupiter’s Greek grapes

Our production in Greece is now in its third year and is developing exceptionally well. We are already seeing the berries ripen, changing to the attractive black synonymous with this variety. Last year’s ARRA Mystic Dream harvest was referred to as ‘exceptional fruit’ and it seems that this season’s quality will even surpass 2019.

The Jupiter Group is a leader in the global fresh produce market. Ranked 17th in the 2020 The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200, Jupiter grows and supplies new and traditional varieties of grapes and citrus alongside melons, pineapples, limes, avocados and kiwi.

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