A lot has been written over the last few years in relation to the most photographic snack on Instagram, the Sumo Citrus.

Knobbly and rugged, the Sumo Citrus is a super sweet bulbous mandarin-hybrid known for its distinctive knot, resembling a sumo wrestler’s hairstyle. Developed in the 1970’s by a citrus grower in Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan who wanted to breed the ‘ultimate citrus’. Combining the best Japanese easy-peeler varieties with large, sweet and juicy Californian oranges produced what we now know as Sumo Citrus.

The Sumo Citrus has a finite amount of time on shelves as the elusive fruit is only available from January through to April every year. Family farms in California maintain an extremely high level of growing standards which means Sumo Citrus is only grown in the San Joaquin Valley and with partner growers in Australia.

Consistent and delicious flavour

Sumo Citrus is renowned for its impressive size and intense sweetness which means that during its short run in retailers it is a most coveted fruit. Home to an impressive amount of vitamin C as well a consistent and delicious flavour, it makes a truly healthy snack.

Every piece of fruit is screened for flavour at the Sumo Citrus facility. The size may vary due to nature, but if the flavour isn’t evident, it doesn’t make it to retailers.

Premium citrus snack

As these unique fruit are seedless, healthy and easy to peel, they make a great treat for all members of the family. The premium citrus snacks are notoriously difficult to grow which means it takes ‘four years of constant love and care before a Sumo Citrus tree produces any fruit’.

Every single piece of fruit is handled with the utmost care and requires far more expertise and tender handling than an average citrus fruit. Each tree is hand-picked and hand-packed and transported by bespoke trailers to reduce the impact of the journey.

Did you know…?

These huge juicy fruits are known as ‘Dekopon’ in Japan due to their sumo style ‘top knot’ and are often given to friends and family members as gifts.

Contact us for more information

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