Jupiter Group’s oranges are now harvesting on farm in South Africa. 

Our Turkey Valencia oranges have enjoyed the typical climate found in South Africa during this time of year which have provided a fantastic, natural colouration.  

The sizing found with the forthcoming crop is excellent and the internal readings are also looking good. 

Well balanced oranges…

Alongside providing premium Class 1 oranges, we also recognise the widespread demand for juicing fruit which we also provide.  

Popular in fruit bowls and as juicing orange, Turkey Valencia’s have a moderately thin rind which is mostly smooth with good colouration.  

The balance of high sugar and acid content within Turkey Valencias provides a rich flavourful taste, and the fruit generally benefits from an attractive light-orange flesh and soft textured segments. 

Preserving quality…

Jupiter’s fruit is handpicked at the optimum time to preserve quality and taste with our dedicated pickers selecting the ideal sweetness and colouration. 

Known for their premium quality, good size and superb taste, Valencia oranges are also prized for their high juice content. 

The next steps

As it’s still early for Valencia oranges in the season, there have been limited volumes being exported over the last two weeks to our customer in Bangladesh, India and the Middle East.  

The main varieties will start in another two to three weeks depending on production area.  

Youth Day in South Africa

Our farms and packhouses based in Limpopo, South Africa will close on 16th June to celebrate Youth Day. The day is dedicated to recognising the role that the youth of South Africa played in the eventual liberation of the country from the Apartheid regime. On the day commemoration events are held across the country including Musical concerts to celebrate youthful energy. 

Youth Day is also utilised by school, college and university students across the country to hold discussions on educational issues. 

Find out more about our South African Citrus season here.

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