We are delighted to be supporting The Raahat Foundation’s upcoming remote wellbeing and entertainment initiatives.

The Raahat Foundation was established in 2017 by Raah, a community development initiative that provides meaningful support to society and local communities near Pune in India. Raahat believes in social change and empowers the most vulnerable members of underprivileged communities.

To support the fundraising of the foundation we are helping to open up their online initiatives to the world to take part in various activities for nominal fees.

Mindfulness meditation

In the first online session hosted by the Raahat Foundation, Dr Rahul Malushte will be demonstrating the first step of Vipassana Meditation, Anapanasati (or Anapana).

Anapana is the observation of natural, normal respiration as the breath comes in and as it goes out. This is an easy to learn and scientific technique that can help develop concentration of the mind. This technique is very different from other meditation practices that are often based on the artificial regulation of breath and includes no rites or rituals involved in the practice.

Helping concentrate the mind

Providing a tool to deal with anxiety, fear and pressures across all age groups, Anapana can not only help to calm and concentrate the mind, but also provide an insight into the workings of your own mind.

25 years of experience

Dr Malushte has been a practising homeopath for 25 years and in his quest to integrate homeopathy and spirituality, he has trained in healing therapies such as Past Life Regression Therapy, Inner Child Healing, Rebirthing Breathwork and more.

A fantastic initiative…

The Raahat Foundation aims to promote community development through providing a platform for expression. Raahat is a public Charitable Trust, which extends significant support to society and local communities.

By bringing together ‘artistic and intellectual expression’, they continue to engage in cultural, educational and charitable initiatives to strengthen local communities and ultimately ‘make a worthy contribution to society’.

How to take part…

The first session is due to be held Saturday July 18 2020 at 12:30 GMT (17:00 IST) and will be accessible for just £5.00 (500 INR).

Simply access the link below to take advantage of the opportunity to learn mindfulness practices from a world renowned meditation expert.

Once registered for the workshop you will be automatically sent the link to join in the event.


Key details

Anapanasati Mindful Meditation

Saturday July 18 2020

12:30 GMT (17:00 IST)

Donation Pass – :  £ 5/500 INR- per person


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