Project Description

Grown in Brazil, Costa Rica and Spain our premium quality melons are nurtured all year round. We grow Yellow Honeydew, Watermelon, seedless Watermelon, Galia and Cantaloupe across the perfectly acclimatised South American and European regions.

Our melon varieties can all be packed according to customer specification and shipped directly from farm.

Why us?

Growing premium melons take time, care and efficiency. We are proud that Jupiter melons are nurtured with more than 20 years of experience

On farm our teams take care to ensure that the best seed material is planted at the optimum time to provide a premium crop

With farms located in prime melon growing regions we can offer a 365 supply of crop grown in optimal conditions split across two continents

Yellow Honeydew

Our Yellow Honeydew melons are juicy and fresh with delicious white-yellow flesh that is perfectly soft and sweet when ready to harvest.


Jupiter watermelons have a crisp and refreshing taste with a typically thick skin that travels well with low splitting volumes. The sweet and vibrant recognisable flesh has a great texture and is available in seedless or seeded varieties.


Our South American Cantaloupe are sweet, succulent and offer the distinctive floral aroma commonly associated with this variety.


Known for their attractive netted rind, our Galia melons are grown to offer smooth textured flesh and a light sweet flavour.

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