Project Description

Jupiter citrus is nurtured on our farms that stretch across the north and south of Africa. We grow our 52-week supply of citrus on one continent and our world class packing facilities ensure that our fruit is handled efficiently and with great care throughout the supply chain.

Our soft citrus, oranges, grapefruit and lemons are all cultivated to attain the highest quality levels available. To ensure the Jupiter standard of technical excellence is met at each stage of production, our vertically integrated supply is expertly controlled by our Technical team on the ground.

Why us?

The geographical spread of our citrus fruit ensures that our fantastic quality produce is available from Africa, year round

The state of the art technology allows us to produce consistent fruit from the first to the last box. The interchangeable algorithms ensure consistency on both size and colourisation

Our largest citrus farm in Maswiri benefits from an early climactic advantage meaning we are the first to start with oranges, lemons and Star Ruby grapefruit

North in Morocco, we are planting premium varieties to ensure that our North African citrus fruit is available later in the season closing all gaps in supply for the continent

We plant, grow and harvest our fruit shipping directly to customers through our logistics partner

We have a 52-week presence in all markets and a recognisable brand in key markets globally

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