Project Description

Jupiter grown avocados are nurtured on farm in Colombia and South Africa with availability 52-weeks of the year. We grow multiple varieties throughout the season including Hass and Greenskin.

Our fruit can be packed directly for retail or wholesale with only the best tasting and highest quality avocado provided.

Why us?

Our bespoke avocado packhouse in Colombia is equipped with the latest technology

We have the exclusive rights to market South African Greenskin varieties in Europe

With avocados grown across three continents we’re able to offer a year round supply of both Hass and Greenskin varieties

Perennial basil growth on farm in South Africa and bee hives in Colombia ensures that honeybees are nurtured and pollinate our trees naturally

Our logistics network enables a global customer base, providing competitive transit times to the USA and Europe

We are leading the way in developing new sources for cultivating avocados; with Colombia providing an exceptional supply

Hass avocado

Jupiter’s Hass avocados are cultivated in the ideal South American climate which makes the nutrient rich fruits available all year round.

Arguably the most popular variety in the world due to the creamy and consistent taste and large size, Hass avocados also have a shorter ripening time than other varieties. The pebbled thick skin houses a soft and velvety textured fruit when fully ripe.

Greenskin avocado

Jupiter’s Greenskin avocados are grown on farm in South Africa and Spain, benefitting from exceptional growing conditions well suited to this popular fruit.

The Greenskin varieties that we grow are Fuerte, Pinkerton, Reed, Bacon and Ryan. The smooth green skinned fruit have a uniform shape and a nutty flavour profile.

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