Our Indian grape season is now only a couple of months away and we’re delighted to see the fantastic progress of our forthcoming fruit.

Now mostly through the budbreak stage, our ARRA 15 have started to flower. Known as ‘inflorescence’, we can now see many hundreds of flowers arranged along the stem, ahead of their fruit-set stage. However, not all those flowers will set fruit and develop into berries.

We treat the vines to stretch the bunches and thin out unwanted berries. We then trim the bunches to size so we have the optimum 55/65 berries per bunch.

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For further information on our exclusive new variety table grapes from India and how our production is leading the way in the industry reach out to a member of our Sales team in the UK on +44 (0) 1952 822 200 or email your request to Sales@jupitermarketingltd.com

Our Indian ARRA 15 (ARRA Sweeties™)

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