Our snack pack is one!

We’re better to-cheddar!

It’s been a whole year since our Babybel® Light Cheese, Apple & Grape Snack Packs hit the shelves in UK stores for the convenience shopper.

Back in 2021 we made significant strides within the fresh produce industry, collaborating with Babybel, the UK’s No.1 snacking cheese brand who specialise in tasty cheese treats that have revolutionised the food-to-go market by catering to all ages and demographics.

A more conscious consumer

Over the last few years, the UK consumer has shifted their shopping behaviors, becoming more focussed on products that attribute to their health and wellness needs.

With typical “go-to” food options often being beige in nature and lacking nutritional value, the increasingly discerning consumer became open to healthier options. Along came our snack pack!

Babybel® Light Cheese, Apple & Grape Snack Packs

We brought Babybel® Light Cheese, Apple & Grape Snack Packs to globally recognised superstores in the UK such as Tesco and Spar with great success.

The snack pack: a combination of Babybel® light cheese that is rich in protein and a source of calcium, alongside our crisp apple slices and great-tasting grape, lines the food-to-go shelves as a fresh and nutritional alternative.

At 73 calories and a refreshingly natural new choice, it makes for a great complementary snack to a sandwich or salad or a perfect little stand-alone option, whilst being perfectly suitable for vegetarians and naturally lactose free.

100% recyclable

 It’s no secret that consumers are also becoming more eco-friendly; conscious of the way they shop, consume and even dispose of everyday items.

 We’re pleased that our snack pack trays are 100% recyclable and are made with a minimum of 50% recycled plastic. The famous cheese wax jacket and wrap can also be recycled through the Terracycle® scheme.

As we reflect on the year since we launched the Babybel® Light Cheese, Apple & Grape Snack Packs, we’re proud to be putting fruit at the forefront for the UK snack market.

The Jupiter Group is an award-winning fresh produce grower with a simple vision – to be the most transparent company in fresh produce. With a year-round supply and innovative new variety development, Jupiter is hailed as one of the world’s leading fresh produce companies. Beyond their speciality in growing grape and citrus, Jupiter’s expertise also covers avocado, pineapple and kiwi in all formats and sizes across retail, wholesale, and food service businesses globally. Jupiter Group are different because they have digitised their supply chain and control a true seed to shelf process. The result? A consistent, transparent, trusted and traceable supply. On Jupiter’s own farms and those of their growing partners, the way they do business has British standards, global cultural heritage and unrivalled entrepreneurial spirit. Jupiter’s BRCGS AA rated prepared fruit facilities in the UK provide a range of pots, punnets and trays alongside co-branded products such as their Babybel® Light Cheese, Apple & Grapes snack pack. They have ranked consecutively for three years in the prestigious The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 for International Growth, most recently at number 17.
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