It all comes down to agriculture!

Inspired by his grandfather’s potato and pig farm and equipped with a strong work ethic and structured education, Mark chose to pursue the agricultural route following his school years.

Mark’s further education at Harper Adam’s University College opened multiple doors to his future and the Jupiter brand. He met Yvonne, a beef farmers daughter and now integral part of the business and went to work for PDM Produce  where he met his business partner Phillip Maddocks.

A few years down the line with a bundle of experience under his belt Mark started the Jupiter story. And so it began…

Our story so far

  • 2003


    The birth of Jupiter

  • 2004


    Location change and custom pack house built

  • 2008


    International sales began

  • 2009


    Nancy Tweddle Foundation created

  • 2010


    Cape Town office with export license opens

  • 2012


    Our prepared fruit brand is launched

  • 2013


    Office in Chile with export license opens

  • 2014


    Secured JV farm in India

  • 2015


    Master license for Maylen® signed in India

    Gained first license to produce Maylen® in Chile

  • 2016


    Secured 300 acre Chilean grape farm

    Anachile Board Membership begins

    Master license for Maylen® signed in Greece

    First ARRA license signed for India

  • 2017


    Exclusivity of ARRA varieties in Greece

    First stone fruit farm in South Africa secured

  • 2018


    Purchase and ownership of 2100 acre citrus farm

    Exclusive grape supply and new variety joint venture signed with Torrero Spain

    Master license for seedless lemon and yellow kiwi varieties

    Argentina and Turkey offices opened

    Hong Kong and Russia offices opened

    Ranked 17th in The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200

    Awarded a place on the Department of International Trade “Great” Campaign

  • 2019


    Secured JV farm of 1125 acres in Morocco

    Gained the master license for ARRA varieties in India

    Exclusive license for Culdevco varieties of grapes and plums for Greece

    Ranked 22nd in The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200

    Cool Fresh BV acquisition bringing limes, melons and pineapple into our supply