Here’s more on our range of high-quality grapes from Namibia

Welcome to the fresh produce world of the Jupiter Group.

British-born, and family-run, we are an international fruit grower and trader based in the Shropshire countryside.

We offer a year-round supply of produce, new variety development and specialism in prepared fruit, which has made us one of the world’s leading fresh produce companies with the 17th fastest growing sales internationally in the UK.

This includes our high-quality grapes from Namibia, which boasts a host of impressive natural assets.

It’s not only home to the world’s oldest desert, the Namib Desert at 80-million-years old – where it lays claim to the highest sand dune on Earth; but it is also home to the largest population of free-roaming cheetahs, considered the world’s fastest land animal.

New and exciting growing venture

It’s in this vast and breathtaking landscape that Jupiter has launched a new and exciting growing venture for 2018.

From a farm on the Namibian border – which has full Global Gap, Residue analysis, BRC, and TN11 accreditation – we can offer quality production at a time of the year which traditionally proves a challenge for the industry.

But we’ve delighted that we’ve been able to maximise our crop, and therefore extend the supply window by utilising an excellent water supply and heavy investment in energy saving/generating technology.

And we’re excited to reveal that our offer here includes a unique new grape that you won’t be able to get anywhere else – as it’s one that we’re proud to have pioneered here at Jupiter.

Here’s more on our Namibian grape supply – from traditional to new varieties…….

Our traditional grape supply

Our traditional grape supply includes both white and red seedless varieties:

White seedless

Under white seedless we can offer both our Prime and Early Sweet varieties from week 44 through to week 46.

Red seedless

Under red seedless we can provide our Starlight grape from week 44 through to week 46; and our Flame variety from week 45 through to 47.

Jupiter’s new grape varieties

But as we are continually striving to improve our offer, to enable us to complement our own grape production and investment on ARRA varieties around the world we have also planted in Namibia, and can offer new varieties for supply.

And, as part of our development plans, we also expect to plant a further 100 hectares over the next three years.


ARRA 13 is an early red seedless variety. It is extremely fertile with three, large, loose bunches per shoot. This variety has large, elliptic, flavoursome berries with a very small seed trace.

Its vine is of moderate strength with small leaves – a combination which eliminates need for leaf removal. This variety has excellent hanging and storage capacity and requires low chilling hours.

This red seedless has a berry size of 22mm-24mm and the flavour is sweet, with a brix of 17.

We can offer ARRA 13 from week 46 through to week 47.


This grape boasts very good eating quality and has had very good performance in South Africa and Namibia.

This black Seedless grape offers a berry size of 20mm-22mm as is naturally sweet, with a brix of 20. We can offer ARRA 14 from week 48 through to week 49.


ARRA 15 is a unique and very appealing white seedless variety that boasts a large berry size of 22mm x 42mm and tastes very crisp, dense and juicy.

Its bunch is medium loose with a light colour rachis and the berries are long, cylinder shaped and are particularly crunchy.

ARRA 15’s creamy, light green colour, together with a bright waxy appearance, makes it a very appealing option for customers.

We can offer ARRA 15 from weeks 47 through to week 48.


Want to know more?

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