Jupiter Marketing Ltd are pleased to announce our sponsorship of Mark Wood and his team in their quest to reach the Geographic North Pole described by Patron Sir Ranulph Fiennes as “The Toughest Journey on the planet”, for what could be one of the last times ever making history with every step.

Mark will embark on the 600 nautical mile trip, in February 2016 with 2 other team members, Paul Vicary and Mark Langridge, who will help document the trip.

The mission of the trip is to:

  •  To document this incredible journey on film; “The last great polar expedition” – a journey to the North Pole.
  • To raise awareness and educate about the immediate impact of climate change.
  • To inspire the next generation to continue exploration and discovery of our planet.
  • To support and create awareness of our partner charity.
  • To advance physiological and psychological science through working with research teams from Warwick and Exeter universities.

“It’s a widely accepted fact that the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. Climate scientists are now predicting that the Arctic could be effectively ice-free by 2058. These rapid environmental changes will likely consign epic, long range, polar ice expeditions to the pages of history..”  ~ Woods, 2016.

As this historic journey unfolds follow every step of our journey with Mark and his team.