Our stand-out season of Moroccan citrus continues this week with the harvest of exceptional Navel oranges in the North of Africa.

Jupiter’s Moroccan season started well in WEEK 40 with delicious clementine’s packed in Elara Gold for the first time.

It has been a fantastic soft citrus season so far from our high quality clementine’s, which will switch to the Nour variety of easy peeler around WEEK 51, bridging the gap until the star of the show arrives in the form of the premium Nadorcott.

Navel oranges harvesting

Moroccan Navels are available in time for Christmas, making this North African fruit an extremely popular choice at this time of year. Harvesting from WEEK 47 -WEEK 14, the superior eating quality of this citrus really stands out.

Medium to large in size with slightly elongated, yet effortless to peel to skin, Navel oranges have a good acid balance and a great level of sweetness. The smooth deep orange colour of the fruit houses flesh that is virtually seedless with a subtle floral aroma.

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If you would like to read more about our Moroccan citrus or any of our forthcoming seasons including our Indian and Chilean grapes, you can find updates in the news section of our website.

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