We are the exclusive Master License holders for both ARRA™ varieties and Maylen® in Greece and our forthcoming season of grapes looks to be one of our best yet, with all of our varieties showing excellent development.

Our vines are carefully reared in northern Greece to support the late season and extend the supply. Based in the largest table grape growing region of north Greece, Kavala, our new variety grapes are developing well, taking advantage of the optimal climate and growing conditions.

Pick of the bunch…

ARRA 15 (ARRA Sweeties™)

Our impressive white grape, ARRA 15 are showing excellent development in Greece already. Known for their elongated berries, crunchy eating quality and first rate shelf life, ARRA 15 are also bursting with sweet flavour. The vines look extremely healthy and have benefitted from the recent optimal weather conditions.

ARRA 32 (Mystic Dream™)

This juicy table grape thrives in the north of Greece and is showing outstanding growth. A sought after black variety, the ARRA 32 has XL berries with a sweet and succulent eating quality. The extended shelf life and huge bunches of this unique grape ensures its status as a remarkable late season variety. Our team in Greece have recently planted new ARRA 32 seedlings and thanks to the ideal growing conditions, the first commercial crop could be available as soon as October 2021.

ARRA 19 (ARRA Passion Glow™)

This red seedless variety has a clean, crisp appearance and an alluring cherry red colouration. The ‘increased sugar accumulation’ provides a natural and sweet taste when eaten too. This mid-late season grape is a third year production and thrives in semi-rainy regions which means our Greek vineyards are perfectly placed to provide a superb product.


Our other fantastic black variety, Maylen is developing well. This impressive table grape is sweet and juicy with XL berries and an outstanding bunch size. When harvested we can expect berries of around 20-21mm in size with a great sugar-acid balance which equates to an average brix of 20-21%.

Greece variety updates coming soon…

Stay tuned for more Greek grape updates as the season progresses as we’ll be providing the latest information on our other available varieties such as ARRA 28 (ARRA Passion Punch™), Sweet Globe™, Sugar Crisp™ and Jack Salute™.

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