Our impressive black variety, Maylen® (sometimes known as Iniagrape-One) is available now.

The naturally bluish-black berries have an intense flavour profile with a soft and juicy eating quality. Our Chilean Maylen have a notable bunch size and extra-large berries with only a slight resistance when bitten. Beneath the skin is a sweet and juicy flesh bursting with a fresh flavour.

The colour of the skin is an attractive black with a blue hue when examined and the berries are around 20-21mm in size. The sugar-acid balance of this grape variety is impressive with an average brix of between 20-21%.

The Maylen is a premium grape with a unique taste that is ‘particularly sweet and succulent’. This exciting new variety table grape has an extended shelf-life, ensuring that consumers get great tasting fruit that lasts longer on shelves.

Farm Manager Cristian says ‘the Maylen benefit from a strong and green stem which is perfect for travelling globally’.

The Good Fruit Guide provided the Maylen with a four star review and called the flavour ‘attractive’, ‘muscat-like’ and ‘fresh’.

Did you know…?

Maylen is a word from the indigenous Mapudungun language spoken in south-central Chile by the Mapuche people and can be interpreted as ‘princess, powerful and noble’.

Speak to our sales team

If you would like to find out how our unique and appealing Chilean Maylen grapes can satisfy the demands of your customers, speak to our sales team  in the UK on + 44 (0) 1952 822 200, in the Netherlands on +31 88 3 777 111 or via email at sales@test.wotsitdesign.co.uk.

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