Our Brazilian grown melons are cultivated with over 20 years’ experience in the Rio grande do Norte region.

A state on Brazil’s far northeastern tip, Rio grande do Norte provides the perfect recipe for great tasting and quality melons due to the warm climate, fantastic quality of soil and consistent water supply. Water is 100% guaranteed all year round due to the construction of a 370m deep new pump system on farm.

Variety spotlight

Yellow Honeydew

Our Yellow Honeydew melons have delicious white-yellow flesh that is perfectly soft and sweet when ready to harvest. The intense juiciness and taste of this melon makes it a firm favourite globally. Try melon balls as a quick and easy dessert!


Jupiter’s Brazilian watermelons have a crisp and refreshing taste. The sweet ruby red flesh has a fantastic texture and is available in seedless or seeded varieties. Add watermelon cubes to water as a tasty ice-cube alternative.


Known for their attractive and distinctive netted rind, our Galia melons are grown to offer smooth textured flesh and a light sweet flavour. Roasted Galia melon balls work well as part of a goats cheese salad.

The Jupiter Group is a leader in the global fresh produce market. Ranked 17th in the 2020 The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200, Jupiter grows and supplies new and traditional varieties of grapes and citrus alongside melons, pineapples, limes, avocados and kiwi.

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