Our premium quality Greek kiwis are packed and on the way to the USA for the first time this season.

Nurtured on prime Greek farmland situated close to the Nestos River, our kiwi fruit benefit from the exemplary microclimate of the region.

The north eastern location of our Greek farms help to shorten lead times to market and with controlled atmosphere cold stores and pre-cooling facilities, our kiwi are kept at the optimum temperature from farm through to customer.

Did you know…?

The health benefits of kiwi are well known as the nutrient rich fruit is high in vitamins and minerals and low in calories.

Known as a superfruit, Jupiter kiwi’s are packed full of vitamin C, fibre and various antioxidants that are said to help remove free radicals from the body

According to a recent report from the National University of Health Sciences in the US, kiwi fruit’s fibre content has the potential to benefit cardiovascular health.

The review stated that those that ‘consume high amounts of fibre have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease’.

Learn more about Jupiter kiwi

You can read more about our kiwi fruit on the news area of the website or by checking out our brand new produce pages.

The Jupiter Group is a leader in the global fresh produce market. Ranked 17th in the 2020 The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200, Jupiter grows and supplies new and traditional varieties of grapes and citrus alongside melons, pineapples, limes, avocados, kiwi, blueberries and cherries.

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