With the commercial harvest of our fantastic Greek Hayward kiwi complete, our fruit enters expertly maintained cold storage, ensuring their continued availability throughout the season.

Why Jupiter kiwi?

Once our fruit on farm has been assessed to safeguard the correct maturity levels, pickers work intensely over the period of a few weeks, harvesting by hand to preserve the quality of the crop.

The positioning our Greek farms in the Northern Hemisphere alongside the fertile soils, support the ideal location to cultivate great quality kiwi and shorten lead times to market.

Not only are we supplying loose fruit to our global customer base, we are also supporting with finished product packed through world-class packhouse facilities.

Exporting globally

Following on from a successful 2020/21 season of exporting our Greek kiwi to the USA, we’re delighted that this year is no different. Our arrivals into the US have been well received so far this season with very positive feedback on both appearance and quality.

Earlier in the season much of Greece experienced un-common weather conditions, including extreme cold and hot spells, we are however pleased to report that the quality of our fruit remains unaffected.

Market conditions

We are continuing to export to the long-haul markets, including the Far East and will do so until at least the end of February. We’re looking forward to opening up new markets, expanding further into the Middle East and supporting our customers with fantastic quality kiwi throughout the season.

The location of our farms in Greece help to shorten lead times to market and with controlled atmosphere cold stores and pre-cooling facilities, our kiwi are kept at the optimum temperature from farm through to customer.

The Jupiter Group is an award-winning fresh produce grower with a simple vision – to be the most transparent company in fresh produce. With a year-round supply and innovative new variety development, Jupiter is hailed as one of the world’s leading fresh produce companies Beyond their speciality in growing grape and citrus, Jupiter’s expertise also covers avocado, pineapple and kiwi in all formats and sizes across retail, wholesale, and food service businesses globally. Jupiter Group are different because they have digitised their supply chain and control a true seed to shelf process. The result? A consistent, transparent, trusted and traceable supply. On Jupiter’s own farms and those of their growing partners, the way they do business has British standards, global cultural heritage and unrivalled entrepreneurial spirit. They have ranked consecutively for three years in the prestigious The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 for International Growth, most recently at number 17.
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