Tax-free bikes for Jupiter employees with UK’s leading scheme

As part of Jupiter Group’s mission to be a first-choice employer it’s joined forces with the UK’s leading cycle to work scheme.

By signing up to be part of Cyclescheme, Jupiter employees will now be able to get their hands on a tax-free bike, as well as cycling equipment, at a discount of anything from 25% to 39%.

The Government scheme works by monthly salary sacrifice so it will allow employees to spread the cost of a new bike over a year, or even longer.

In addition to saving on recommended high street prices, employees who sign up to the scheme also get reduced tax and national insurance contributions.

And, of course, there’s the added bonus of it helping employees keep fit and healthy, as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

“It’s a win-win”

So, as far as Jupiter Group’s CEO Mark Tweddle is concerned, it’s a win-win.

The 40-year-old said: “At Jupiter Group we’re constantly investing in our employees, across the board, and we never rest on our laurels.

“We have a fantastic team of loyal employees, who we highly value, and we do our utmost to provide them with the best working environment that we possibly can.

“Becoming a part of Cyclescheme, which helps to improve health and well-being of employees, is yet another step forwards in our mission to be a first-choice employer.”

Staff can choose a bike from 2,000 retailers

Jupiter employees, with at least a year of service, can choose their bike from a choice of 2,000 retailers, either in person or by ordering online, as part of this Government scheme.

One example of available savings is £150 on a £600 bike with payments of £34 a month over a year. Other packages start at £10 a month.

At the end of the agreement with Cyclescheme options available to salaried Jupiter employees range from becoming the legal owner to returning the bike.

Cyclescheme also offers National Insurance incentives for employers who take part.

Here’s more on how it works.