The harvest of our fantastic Eureka lemons continues on our farm in Limpopo, South Africa this week.

Harvesting slightly later than our 2021 citrus season, Jupiter Eureka lemons have been nurtured to an excellent standard with exceptional premium sizing.

Our experienced farm team have cultivated an impressive crop that looks strong and juicy with the expected colouration at this stage of the season.

Market leading facilities

A recent renovation of our on-farm packhouse saw the introduction of a world-class 12-line GREEFA sorting machine with a wet-line that enables us to effortlessly wash, wax, treat and dry our select fruit.

Our SA citrus season

Following the start of our Eureka lemon harvest, our Star Ruby grapefruit aren’t far behind. A premium variety of eating grapefruit, Star Ruby’s are well known for their bitter-sweet flavour and intense natural oils.

Lemon volumes have increased this season across the region, much of this is due to additional planting but also down to a good growing season.

SA weather update

We have had fine weather on farm in the last week with clear to cloudy skies and temperatures ranging between 32°C and 38°C during the day and 18°C to 24°C overnight.

The weather forecast for the comings two days show that we can expect some rain with temperatures between 22°C and 25°C.

The Jupiter Group is an award-winning fresh produce grower with a simple vision – to be the most transparent company in fresh produce. With a year-round supply and innovative new variety development, Jupiter is hailed as one of the world’s leading fresh produce companies. Beyond their speciality in growing grape and citrus, Jupiter’s expertise also covers avocado, pineapple and kiwi in all formats and sizes across retail, wholesale, and food service businesses globally. Jupiter Group are different because they have digitised their supply chain and control a true seed to shelf process. The result? A consistent, transparent, trusted and traceable supply. On Jupiter’s own farms and those of their growing partners, the way they do business has British standards, global cultural heritage and unrivalled entrepreneurial spirit. Jupiter’s BRCGS AA rated prepared fruit facilities in the UK provide a range of pots, punnets and trays alongside co-branded products such as their Babybel® Light Cheese, Apple & Grapes snack pack. They have ranked consecutively for three years in the prestigious The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 for International Growth, most recently at number 17.
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