UPDATE 25/03/2020: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Additional measures we are taking to ensure that our business operates as safely as possible for our colleagues and customers:

  • A piece of fruit is offered each day to our employees to contribute some of the vitamins needed to support a healthy immune system
  • We have a comprehensive plan both at source and the UK to simplify technical procedures whilst maintaining food safety and traceability so we can operate as normal with reduced staff levels
  • Several hundred plastic faceshields have been ordered to ensure both our fresh and prepared packhouses in the UK are able to continue operating normally
  • We have installed an air filter that kills viruses with UV light in our offices to reduce the risk to our office based staff
  • Additional points in our offices have been installed with alcohol gel to help our employees maintain their hand hygiene and reduce the chances of contagion
  • We are operating with skeleton staff ensuring that colleagues adhere to social distancing of two metres

UPDATE 19/03/2020: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Further measures we are taking to protect our staff and our supply to customers:

  • Screening temperatures of our workforce before entering our sites
  • Operating a rota work from home in teams where we can
  • Providing information on What Stay at home means
  • Daily questionnaire to those that are self-isolating to enquire about their health
  • Ongoing situational assessment of our employees with dependants now schools have closed; even though we are identified as key workers
  • Daily update to teams globally about actions in their region
  • Investigating for staff government support for staff that need to self-isolate
  • Hot desking to spread out our teams to prevent physical contact
  • Attending college via zoom to prevent going on public transport

In order to protect our workforce and supply chain across the world and retain a reliable service to our customers we would like to inform you of the immediate measures that have been put in place across our business to limit the physical interaction of our team with yours.

These measures will be reviewed weekly or upon respective Government’s recommendations and any major changes will be formally announced by one of our Leadership Team.


  • With immediate effect we are banning all unnecessary external visitors to our sites globally unless it is deliveries to a designated point, a regular contractor required to make our business safe, a business critical situation such as a breakdown, essential business support or an emergency
  • In this event any visitor other than a produce delivery driver will need to declare by electronic questionnaire in advance their recent travel activities before they are allowed to enter the site unless they are part of an emergency team
  • In the case of a delivery driver we request that they are briefed to follow clearly the guidelines in place on arrival to any of our sites
  • Upon entry any visitor will be required to follow the stringent hygiene requirements of our sites
  • If you have a meeting scheduled your contact within our business will provide you with a Zoom meeting invitation as we will move all face to face meetings to virtual form

Precautions taken with our staff

  • Anti-bacterial sanitiser is provided for all staff throughout our sites for regular use after opening doors or using communal items such as taps etc
  • No hand shaking or unnecessary physical contact
  • We have introduced a more frequent cleaning schedule using approved products to communal areas to reduce levels of cross contamination
  • Managers are being trained on symptoms of Coronavirus and actions required should they have a member of staff displaying symptoms of a cough and a fever who will be sent home to isolate for seven days
  • All staff categorised as high risk are working from home and will be operational via Zoom capability until further notice where possible
  • If a member of staff is in the high risk category and not in a role that is possible for them to complete from home they will be moved to roles which require less interaction with other people as required and monitored closely by their manager for symptoms
  • Any member of staff with cold like symptoms are being asked to stay away from work and work from home for a period of seven days self-isolation
  • In this event and where a member of staff is office based we will provide a laptop should they feel they are well enough to work or are self-isolating due to a case within their family or recent contact with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus

Dependant leave

  • In the event that schools or nurseries are closed we have surveyed our staff to understand the impact it will make to them
  • This will result in dependant leave in some cases. Where possible we will make every attempt to be a flexible as possible with them and will work as a team to ensure minimal disruption to our service


  • With immediate effect are withdrawing any travel overseas for business. We have teams operating globally from our sources therefore this will not impact our supply. Audits and similar will be conducted by our teams in each region and are available upon request
  • None of our employees will be permitted to travel to high risk areas. If business critical travel is required all necessary precautions will be taken to protect the employee travelling and the necessary screen post travel with the potential for self-isolation will be assessed upon their return
  • Our members of staff that take planned holidays overseas in the forthcoming weeks will be asked to declare where they are travelling to in advance of travel and the appropriate Coronavirus quarantine may be applied upon their return should they travel to a country which is considered high risk for Coronavirus by the World Health Organisation


  • To reduce the amount of handling of our product we will pack at source into packaging ready for sale
  • The packaging used will be discussed with our customers respectively. Should there be a proposed change required to ensure minimal handling of the fruit there may be the necessity to request temporary specification changes should it be different to your standard
  • This would be a short term request for the duration of this crisis. Given the situation we would appreciate your flexibility and co-operation
  • Where possible we will try to ensure your standard is maintained but will depend upon availability as many sources may be affected
  • Your contact within our business will discuss this with you should they need to
  • Please be assured all of our production follows rigorous technical protocols and will continue to do so


  • Weekly we will collate the number of cases confirmed in areas surrounding our locations globally and our own count of confirmed cases. Should you require this information please ask your contact within our business

If you have any immediate questions please reach out to your contact within our business or email communications@test.wotsitdesign.co.uk

Thank you for your co-operation in helping us keep our employees across the world as safe as possible.

The Jupiter Group is a leader in the global fresh produce market. Ranked 17th in the 2020 The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200, Jupiter grows and supplies new and traditional varieties of grapes and citrus alongside melons, pineapples, limes, avocados and kiwi.

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