Our Greek grape season starts around the first week of August, kicking off with our traditional crisp, white Thompson variety in Crete.

Following our Thompson table grapes, we continue from northern Greece with our ARRA™ varieties in the Katerini and Kavala regions.

Once the last of our Greek ARRA™ varieties has harvested for the year, we’ll expect our traditional Crimson grape to begin in mid September.

Our New Varieties in Greece

As we enter our fifth year, our ARRA™ grapes are seeing more mature vines and timings, well suited to market demands.

The first of our ARRA varieties begin around WEEK 35 with our popular ARRA SWEETIES™ (ARRA 15). We estimate to harvest around mid-October concurrently with our  ARRA PASSION GLOW™ (ARRA 19) variety.

According to our lead Agronomist Andre, we could expect our best crop of ARRA SWEETIES™ (ARRA 15) to date if the weather conditions remain stable.

The ARRA MYSTIC DREAM™ (ARRA 32) continues to thrive due to the fantastic climatic conditions Greece offers and is set to harvest around WEEK 47. It’s attractive berry formation and taste means it’s a firm customer favourite.

Overall, our ARRA™ production volume is estimated to be around 25% higher than last year.

Our IFG grape varieties continue to develop particularly well also. Jack’s Salute™, Sweet Celebration™ and Sweet Globe™ varieties will be available from around WEEK 42 onwards.

An update on our exciting test block in Greece

The ARRA YUM!BO™ (ARRA 34) variety is something we’re really excited about; in its first year of test production, it’s already looking fantastic!

This ARRA variety is an excellent mid-season white variety, harvested after ARRA SUGAR DROP™ (ARRA 30).

Another testbed variety is ARRA 10A-3+3. This is the second year of evaluation for this variety and after last year’s results we wait in anticipation for this year’s results.

This variety provides a crispness and natural dark pink colour combined with high yield and uniform berry size placing it in the top five of the new mid-late red ARRA varieties.

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