Grapes could be the go-to fruit in the fight against COVID-19; boosting Vitamin K levels to aid better outcomes for Covid patients.

On January 6th 2021, the California Table Grape Commission (CTGC) highlighted a recent study published in the scientific journal Clinical Infectious Diseases that shows a lack of sufficient vitamin K led to unfavourable outcomes in those suffering with COVID-19.

Why Vitamin K?

The report outlines the critical support Vitamin K offers in pro and anti-blood clotting, summarising that a deficiency or notable low level of Vitamin K boosts the bodies’ appetite to form clots.

The gravest cases of Covid-19 have been observed to have higher blood clot occurrences alongside the systemic and well documented respiratory issues of the infection.

Great grape benefits

Not only do a small cup of humble grapes offer Vitamin K in abundance (28% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI)), they also boast to be bursting with Vitamin C: 27% of the (RDI) which in turn can contribute to a healthy immune system.

Our previously celebrated grape benefits also include noting their promotion of a healthy heart and arteries as a result of their antioxidant properties, their source of potassium and magnesium and their voluminous compounds important for supporting eye health.

Jupiter’s grape portfolio

Jupiter Group grow a consistent 52-week new variety grape supply across Chile, India, South Africa, Spain and Greece, alongside our traditional varieties.

As the exclusive Master License holders for both ARRA™ varieties and Maylen® in India and Greece we offer a truly transparent, seed to shelf supply chain.

With the grape being hailed for its potential health benefits in the fight against COVID-19, we can expect to see love for the firm fruit favourite grow even further.

Worth knowing; worth sharing

Our friends at FruitNet Media quoted the president of the California Table Grape Commission, Kathleen Nave saying “Anything that may help offset the negative impact of this devastating virus is worth knowing, the findings that natural components found in grapes (vitamin K and certain flavonoids) may play a beneficial role in the fight is worth sharing.”

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