In addition to our traditional variety offering our new variety grapes are grown across four continents in Chile, India, Spain and Greece to meet the highest levels of quality and technical standards.

Our supply chain offers full transparency and control right from seedling through to shelf. We are proud of our point of difference as the exclusive Master License holders for both ARRA™ varieties and Maylen® in India and Greece.

Our consistent 52-week supply of new variety grapes continues to push boundaries and expand options for consumers year round.

Why us?

Jupiter are the exclusive Master Licence holders for ARRA™ varieties and Maylen® in India and Greece.

We can offer a consistent global new variety supply alongside traditional varieties

We have full control and transparency from seed right through to shelf

We operate the only MARCO packing line in Greece and have a heat sealing machine enabling us to pack at source.

Our Chilean grapes benefit from afully temperature controlled supply network cold chain that is never broken; from pack house arrival through to point of delivery.