The very first ARRA 15 and Maylen® table grapes have arrived in Europe from India and have been issued to new customers around Europe

These two exciting new varieties hit UK soil last week and have been snapped up by retailers eager to share the benefits of the table grapes unique selling points with their customers.

The extended shelf life and fantastic flavour of both varieties means the consumer gets a better grape that lasts for longer.

ARRA 15 “refreshing, sweet and juicy”

After trialling the ARRA varieties in India with great success, it was only this month we announced Grapa Varieties awarded Jupiter Group the exclusive production and marketing rights for ARRA variety table grapes in India.

The white seedless ARRA 15 variety is a large berry available from Jupiter for 10 out of 12 months of the year with the Indian season running from February to June.

Taste panel respondents most commonly describe the ARRA 15 grape as “refreshing, sweet and juicy” (UK taste panel October 2018 with 457 respondents).

Jupiter Group CEO Mark Tweddle said: “I truly believe the development of the ARRA varieties will positively change the demand for Indian grape and bring the market into its own as a key supply in the annual table grape supply calendar.”

Grapa CEO Rafi Karniel adds: “It is a great honour for Grapa Varieties to be the first table grape breeding program to enter India, there is huge potential in this vast country and we trust that the strong co-operation between the Jupiter Group and Grapa Varieties will make the program a great success.”

Maylen® to “rival premium varieties”

The large black seedless Maylen® variety, which is associated with the Chilean Iniagrape-one variety, is available from Jupiter for nine out of 12 months of the year with our Indian crop covering April to July.

This premium high quality product has a unique taste that’s particularly sweet and succulent.

Mark concludes: “Maylen is a really unique berry with a fantastic incomparable taste. It is most definitely positioned for the premium market and I believe this variety can easily rival other high end black seedless table grape varieties like Sable, Midnight Beauty or Victoria.

“It has been an exciting development for the Jupiter Group with the new varieties arriving from India. We are very proud of the grapes year one has produced and anticipate year two to bring even more interest.”

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