We are delighted to see the fantastic black seedless variety ARRA 32 rootstock now arriving in India.

In June 2019 we announced that we had awarded the exclusive production rights for ARRA varieties in India to Sahyadri Farms. This announcement saw the collective ‘marginal farmers’ of the country benefitting from a global infrastructure in conjunction with the fresh produce multinational.

Our growing partner in India, Sahyadri Farms are introducing the ARRA 32 variety to farmers in the Nashik region. Also known as ARRA MYSTIC DREAM™, ARRA 32 is a black seedless variety known for huge full berries and an excellent shelf life.

Sahyadri are one of the leading farmers’ producer organisations in India with 8,000 marginal farmers as members, with plans to expand its domestic distribution too.

Successfully cultivated variety

After the successful production of ARRA 15 (ARRA SWEETIES™) there are high hopes for the ARRA 32. ARRA variety grapes are known for their endurance as they’re able to withstand the difficult weather conditions in California.

A statement from Sahyadri Farms says “Grape growers in the States have been exposed to natural disasters for the past several years. World-class varieties such as ARRA have been found to produce reliable and quality products, even in adverse weather conditions.”

Perfect tropical climate

The first Indian ARRA 32 will be introduced to the perfect tropical climate meaning that the first commercial crop could be ready as early as the end of 2020.

The plant stock arrived this week in India with the root and plant joined together with an attractive red wax which drops away as the vine grows.

Vilas Shinde, Chairman and Managing Director of Sahyadri shared important features of ARRA 32 at the Indian Grape Forum 2019, stating “Indian grape growing farmers are getting benefits from the ARRA varieties to further consolidate their position in the global market. These patented ARRA table grapes are exportable varieties of white, red and black.”

Exclusivity to plant ARRA varieties

Back in February 2019, Jupiter were awarded the exclusive ARRA production and marketing rights from Grapa varieties to plant in India. Our partnership with Sahyadri has ensured that the ARRA variety now stretches across 24 countries and six continents.

Speak to our sales team for more information

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