In a first for us here at Jupiter, we are really pleased to announce that we will be trialling six new varieties of South African plums in co-operation with Nestos our kiwi partner in Greece.

Nestos are a grower owned co-operative with farms based around the Nestos River near Kavala in north east Greece. We have been Growing Together with Nestos for many years on the production of fantastic Yellow Soreli and Hayward kiwi so we are delighted to be further cementing our relationship.

Growing in Greece

Plans are well underway to plant our new plum varieties in Kavala, a region that is not traditionally known as a stonefruit area, however there is much excitement due to the success of a late variety plum called Angelino, renowned for its yellow flesh and well-balanced taste.

Prime plum production

The six varieties that we will be trailing have been carefully selected for their flavour, quality and likelihood to flourish in the prime surroundings of Kavala.

African Delight– This red plum variety has yellow flesh, a high level of sweetness, a good juice content and a great depth of flavour.

Ruby Star– The Ruby Star variety is a late ripening plum with attractive red skin and a great level of sweetness. This plum has exceptional cold storage ability and a good keeping quality on the tree.

African Rose– With attractive red-black skin and pale yellow flesh, the African Rose is sought after for use in cooking, baking and preserving.

Ruby Sun– This variety is round to flat round in shape with a deep red skin colouration and attractive yellow flesh. This plum has a well-balanced level of sweetness and excellent storage ability.

Ruby Crisp– The dark-red skin turns almost black when ripe and has a full-red flesh. The eating quality of this fruit has been particularly well received.

Sun Kiss– With yellow skin and flesh, the Sun Kiss variety has a good level of sweetness and an excellent eating quality.

The handpicked selection all hail from the Culdevco breeding program, a deciduous fruit licensor that curates and licenses innovative new varieties of plums, peaches, apples, pears and table grapes.

A long-term project…

We’re looking forward to sampling some of our plum production in a couple of years’ time as the trees reach maturity.

Of course we will keep you up to date with all of the latest developments on our blog and via our social media channels.

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