In our latest Podcast our Financial Controller Lorraine was joined by Claire Oosthuizen, the Founder of UK based charity the Themis Project, to commemorate Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The short but powerful discussion surrounding domestic violence touched on the impact of lockdown, the shocking statistics behind increased violence and so much more.

Jupiter wellbeing champions

To mark Domestic Violence Month here at Jupiter we have equipped our Wellbeing Champions with the information and tools to provide guidance and support to anyone that may be affected by an abusive relationship.

We have put together a signposting sheet relevant to each country in our global business to ensure that wherever our colleagues are in the world they have a helping hand should they need it!

A month for awareness

Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) was launched in October 1987 to bring together individuals, charities and other organisations dealing with domestic violence issues while also raising global recognition of those issues.

In the 34 years since its inception, DVAM has seen immense progress made to support those that are affected by domestic violence, including holding abusers accountable and playing a pivotal part in updating global legislation to further their goals.

Lockdown statistics

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 all types of violence against women and girls has intensified with 2.3m adults aged between 16-74 now experiencing domestic abuse in England and Wales. In another deplorable statistic this is a huge 43% increase from the year ending 2019.

The average domestic violence victim suffers 35 assaults before a call to the police is made and with much of the abuse continuing behind closed doors, sadly it continues to be difficult to get a true reflection.

Not just affecting women, the latest statistics suggest that 1 in 6 men are also impacted by domestic violence. In our podcast the duo discussed the stigma and taboo around men reporting violent incidents and the way that this can impact the number of male victims coming forward.

The Themis Project

The mission of the Themis Project is to assist the new government aims in reporting abuse, driving a culture of change and bridging the gap in abuse and violence.

Founder Claire Oosthuizen believes that prevention through education is the best way forward and provides educational workshops and training sessions to facilitate a better understanding.

Listen to the discussion

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