“Exciting” update from Jupiter group after technical visit to north of Greece

Jupiter Group is thrilled to reveal an exciting update on the cultivation of pioneering new varieties of grapes in Greece.
Earlier this year, we announced that we had joined forces with renowned table grape breeders ARD, represented exclusively by Grapa Varieties, to grow ARRA™ grapes in the north of Greece.
And we’re delighted to say that the young vineyards are looking “very impressive” as our excitement builds towards their first yield in 2018.
The update comes after Jupiter’s technical team flew out to see first-hand how the “innovative” and superior varieties of grape were developing in Kavala earlier this month.

“Extremely impressed”

Our CEO Mark Tweddle said: “This is a very exciting venture that we are energised to be a part of as we continue to develop our offering as an international, fresh produce grower and distributor.
“To hear back from the technical team that it was extremely impressed with the development of the new varieties, across the board, including the high quality of care going into nurturing the vineyards, only adds to our excitement for their eagerly-awaited first yield.
“We are very much looking forward to introducing these superior new varieties of grape to the fresh produce market next year.”
Grapa has also added to the buzz over the new varieties.
In a recent newsletter, which was released to the grape industry following Jupiter’s visit, it proudly stated that: “When the ancient tradition of grape growing meets the innovative ARRA varieties, the results are high performance of first year vineyards.”

Widely anticipated yield

The widely anticipated yield of the new grapes has been described as a “significant leap forward” in strengthening the development of the late season ARRA varieties.
The new grapes are being cultivated in the Kavala region, which is the largest table grape growing region in northern Greece, because it provides an “optimal climate” where vine cultivation is “ideal for the late harvest” of the ARRA.
The Jupiter technical team members who made the trip, back in early June, included Procurement Manager, John Ferguson; Regional Procurement Manager, Dimitris Theodorou; and Agronomy Manager, Disri Nieuwoudt.
As the only license holders for ARRA in Greece, Newport-based Jupiter Group is working closely with farmers to cultivate four ARRA varieties – ARRA 15, ARRA 19, ARRA 28 and ARRA 32.

Grapes will boast superior eating quality

The four new varieties, which will be solely marketed through Jupiter, will boast improved, superior eating quality – setting them apart from Thompson and Crimson table grapes, which Greece is most commonly associated with.
The update on the exciting progress of the new varieties follows the news that Jupiter was proudly ranked 17 in the prestigious Sunday Times’ International Track 200.
To find out more about the development of the new grapes click here.

Based in the UK, Jupiter Group is a leader in the global fresh produce market. Ranked 17th in the 2018 The Sunday Times International Track 200, Jupiter grows and supplies new varieties of grapes alongside a global supply of citrus, top fruit, stone fruit and kiwi.

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