We’re committed to improving the quality of life, not only for our people but for our Growing Together partners and local communities too through our continued focus on sustainability, social responsibility and health and wellbeing.

By taking our responsibilities seriously, we have pledged to operate in a way that enhances society, offering protection and provision to the environments we work in, instead of contributing negatively to them.

In line with our vision to be the most transparent company in fresh produce we’re proud to provide our latest Circular Economy report to outline how we are investing in change globally.


We ensure that people are at the forefront of our decisions throughout our supply chain.

It is important to us that we ensure relative and equal opportunity for the people that form part of the wider Jupiter family.


The environment we work in is key to our success.

We must remain focused on the conservation of our world by ensuring we maximise every opportunity to make positive decisions for the planet.


We truly believe that by supporting and enhancing the communities that we work in our legacy will be a better fresh produce industry for the future.
Our efforts around education and health span our workforce globally.

Supply Chain

We take pride in the fact that our supply chain relationships are based on transparency and trust.
Cultivating long term and rewarding relationships in this way results in a positive supply chain where each link has clarity on their objectives.


Our technological advancement is based upon immovable intelligence and we’re consistently helping to innovate our industry.

Our traceability systems throughout the supply-chain allow us to track our produce from seed and sapling to supermarket shelf.

Our partnership foundation

We are proud to be the largest commercial partner of The Nancy Tweddle Foundation, an independent International NGO which is Not for Profit with a focus to develop agricultural supply infrastructures, sustainable agricultural supply chains, implement agricultural technology and uplift community to benefit rural economies.