Our highly anticipated new variety table grape ARRA 15 are harvesting from our Indian farms next week!

The climate in Nashik, Maharashtra is ideal for our thriving table grapes, and we’re pleased to report that our exclusive ARRA™ varieties look particularly exciting.

Exclusive white variety

Nurtured to surpass Thompson Seedless, ARRA 15 is a delicious white grape with attractive elongated berries and a fantastic sugar/acid balance.

With crunchy berries ranging from 18-22mm, a superb eating quality, good flavour and impressive shelf-life we’re looking forward to again providing this exclusive grape from India.

This exciting ARRA 15 season, now into its third year is due to see its volume increase by over 500%, which will take our forthcoming production of this variety to around 2,000 tonnes.

Traditional grapes

Alongside Jupiter exclusive new varieties we have seen fantastic development of our Thompson Seedless, Sonaka and Crimson Seedless that are all expected to export from WEEK 2 with our Sharad following a week later.

Weather ahead of the season

We have seen high rainfall over the last week in the early grape regions, measuring around 75mm across two days.

Overall weather conditions however remain positive with the current temperature around 29 degrees.

The Jupiter Group is an award-winning fresh produce grower with a simple vision– to be the most transparent company in fresh produce. With a year-round supply and innovative new variety development, Jupiter is hailed as one of the world’s leading fresh produce companies Beyond their speciality in growing grape and citrus, Jupiter’s expertise also covers avocado, pineapple and kiwi in all formats and sizes across retail, wholesale, and food service businesses globally. Jupiter Group are different because they have digitised their supply chain and control a true seed to shelf process. The result? A consistent, transparent, trusted and traceable supply. On Jupiter’s own farms and those of their growing partners, the way they do business has British standards, global cultural heritage and unrivalled entrepreneurial spirit. They have ranked consecutively for three years in the prestigious The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 for International Growth, most recently at number 17.
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