We’re proud to share another fantastic example of our Nancy Tweddle fund being used to make positive changes.

Riaan, our Procurement manager and our team in South Africa, have been assisting the community of Brooklyn in Cape Town.

A charity called Adopt -a- Mission are a team of dedicated volunteers who provide food parcels and a weekly cooked meal for those less fortunate. Our fund has been used to supply the charity with fresh vegetables on a weekly basis that supports approximately 40 families as well as hosting events with them like a Woman’s day tea and a Christmas ‘Braai’ for all the families.

We are delighted to be continuing the program next year due to its success. Riaan said;

“The impact that the fresh vegetables have made in this community has been humbling to experience.  Things we take for granted are luxuries for these communities and we have been overwhelmed by their gratitude.”

Take a look at some of the pictures to see the fantastic work the volunteers have been doing.