The Nancy Tweddle Foundation, was started in memory of CEO Mark’s late grandmother who passed away in 2006. The foundation enables us to work with local and international projects to make a positive difference to people’s lives. The foundation’s aim is to support community groups to achieve more and each quarter we’ll bring you the details or update of a project we are supporting.

Adopt-a-Mission is a volunteer-run charity that provides food to struggling families in the Brooklyn suburb of South Africa.

This fantastic charity is making a positive, and potentially lifesaving difference to people in the Cape Town community, and we’re extremely proud to support this initiative under our Nancy Tweddle Foundation. Adopt-a-Mission, which was founded two years ago, was the brainchild of Brooklyn residents Albert Wassenaar and his daughter Chantel, who knew first-hand how difficult living conditions could be in the Western Cape suburb.

Albert said:

“It seems like a cliché but my hope and my wishes for the residents of Brooklyn are to be able to take them somewhere they can make a living, somewhere they can survive.”

Riaan Oosthuizen, our procurement manager at Jupiter South Africa, raised awareness of the cause with us after he joined the mission with his family and, from that moment on, we have been one of its sponsors. Brooklyn has a population of 10,941 and those suffering from poverty here include elderly people, young families, single mothers, and the homeless. Our Nancy Tweddle Foundation helps to supply the charity with fresh vegetables on a weekly basis, helping it to support around 40 families – this means there are about 170 people who are receiving three meals a week from the charity.

Riaan said:

“The impact that the fresh vegetables have made in this community has been humbling to experience. “Things we take for granted are luxuries for these communities and we have been overwhelmed by their gratitude.”

Our CEO Mark said:

“We are very happy to hear that there are some amazing things being done with our contributions to Adopt-a-Mission and how many lives are being changed for the better.”

Our sponsorship also helps the charity host events throughout the year, including a Christmas braai for all local families; as well as distribute an annual goody bag to men and women of Brooklyn containing a Bible, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, body lotion and bar of soap.

It also runs various community projects from helping residents lead more sustainable lives in return for food parcels, to helping to create and improve job opportunities, and promoting sports, such as rugby and football to children in a bid to help get them off the streets.